Great news: We’re switching to a new WOD tracking system! It’s called SugarWOD and it combines the fun of social media with the workout tracking tools we need. Best of all, it’s a free app for your phone! We already have a some folks on the new system, so install the app and jump in.

1. Install SugarWOD.


2. Create an account.

Sign up for an account through the app (it’s free!) and select CrossFit Chamblee as your box.

3. Start logging!

You can even add workouts you do on your own or at other gyms!

There’s a small catch though: If you’ve been a CFC member for a while, you probably have a lot of past workout data in the old CF Whiteboard system. Unfortunately, that data isn’t going to come over to the new app automatically. We’ll all have to download our data and manually input the important entries that you don’t want to lose (Benchmark WODs, Hero WODs, 1RM’s, etc.). Luckily, getting that data isn’t hard to do.

UPDATE: Our service with CF Whiteboard is cancelled as of March 9th, 2016. All bets are off as to whether we’ll still have access to download our data after that date, so better do this soon!

Here are the instructions:

1. From any page on the CFC website (, click on the Members -> CFC Athlete Tracking link in the top menu (or just click here to open the page in a new tab).

2. Log in.

3. Click the Actions -> Download Athlete Data (.CSV) menu link. This will dump all your data into a spreadsheet and download it to your computer.

Once this is done, you can decide when, how much, or how little to bring over to SugarWOD. I’d also stash that file somewhere safe (aka backed up) so that you can come back to it later if you forgot to move something over.

You should have access to your data for another month or so. Sometime in early March, we’ll cut the cord on the old system and rely fully on SugarWOD. Better to do this sooner rather than later though!

As always, please don’t hesitate to send me your questions.