CFC Equipment Loan-Out Program - CrossFit Chamblee

CFC Equipment Loan-Out Program

Stuck in quarantine? Borrow our gear!

Hi friends,

I want to do something to help you keep moving, keep working on your fitness, and stay motivated while we work through this COVID-19 problem. Unfortunately I can’t bring the entire gym to your house, but I do have a lot of equipment at the gym that is going to sit there unused. So I’m going to let you borrow it!

Before we start grabbing stuff, let’s talk about the rules:

  • This will be open to CFC members with active monthly memberships at no additional cost. 
  • You get one week with your item, Sunday to Sunday.
  • Pickups and returns happen at the gym during Sunday Open Gym hours (4pm to 6pm). We’ll use the loading dock for the folks that might not want to come inside.
  • One item per person for now, until I can gauge demand.
  • You have to bring back your item each Sunday, and you have to pick a different item for the next week. This way everyone gets a turn with the popular items.
  • Equipment will be disinfected before you take it home, and as soon as you return it.
  • If you damage, break, or lose your item, you have to buy us another one.

Read those again carefully, because they’re really important. If you’re cool with those rules and want to participate, click the button below and fill out the form. It will help me pair you up with an item you want, and also help me make sure everyone gets a turn with the popular items.

Sign up and get your picks in by 5pm on Saturday 3/28. If you forget, you’ll get the leftovers for Week 1. I’ll be in touch with everyone late Saturday or early Sunday to let you know what you’ll be picking up, and pickups happen Sunday afternoon at 4pm.